To make it returnable,bilgisayarını etiketle!

Why to use


We spend 60 hours of our lives every year searching for our lost belongings.


More than 12,000 laptops are lost every week at U.S. airports, according to a study conducted for Dell by the Ponemon Institute, a research think tank

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One third of the pet are lost at least once.


More than 20.000 belongings are forgotten in cabs last year in Turkey. Most common lost items are mobile phones followed by bags and strollers.

You may get your lost items back using


No more worries about the things in your wallet, lost bags or pet. The one who finds it can easliy contact you.


Your belongings activated on is now more secure. Your personal information is also securely stored and never shared with another third party.

Wallet friendly

One time purchase of a tag package or another product is all you need to do. You won't have to pay any subscription, renewal or activation fees.


We did our best to design cool stickers and products to fit the beauty of your valuables. You can pick from a variety of colors and design options.

How it works?


Stick or attach a label or product to your valuable item.


Do not forget to activate it. Only activated (registered) items can be returned if found.


We're going to let you know via SMS and E-mail in case someone reports it found. To get it back you may just contact directly to reporter or we can arrange a pickup and delivery for you. Pickup and delivery action is an optional (paid) service provided by an external courier company.

Enterprise Services

If you represent a corporate identity and open to new opportunities bundling products into your product and services, please have a look at our three different enterprise models.

Regular Service

You can simply ask a quotation for a bulk buy of products and bundle them into your existing product line. Or you can sell our products on your point of sale seperately. will open a new layer of service to your existing shoppers.

Co-branded Service

You can demand customized designs for products. New colors or designs matching your original product might be bundled together increasing added value of your products/services. Your products bought by your customers become more secure in terms of lost&found incidents. You can add your logo and corporate colors to new designs. On the other hand you can use co-branded products on valuable assets in your company such as automobile keys, mobile devices, laptops, other handhelds, mobile electronics etc. This will also give you asset tracking ability in additon to lost&found services. You won't care about lost tracking and return processes. will assign a account manager to deal with all.

White Label Service may offer a total white label service enabling you to create your own uniquely designed return labels or products (not having logo etc.). All return processes including web site and call center can be customized to fit your corporate identity. You can pick a dedicated call center number answering with your corporate identity and you may run return service web site on your side on a selected domain. Your customers buying your products will enjoy the opportunity of lost&found service integrated into your brand. This will increase the added value and customer satisfaction&loyalty

Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact with the one who finds my item?
Should I pay a subscription or renewal fee?
No, you won't. You just need to buy any of the producs or labels.
How may I change my contact information that I created while activating my product?
Does work globally?
Do people really report a found item? Why should they return something valuable?
Do you share users' personal information with any other third party?
May I use two or more labels on a single item?