Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact with the one who finds my item? ha?

We'll send the contact information (usually a phone number) to you via SMS and E-mail. You may just call the finder or you may get help from our call center.

Should I pay a subscription or renewal fee?

No, you won't. You just need to buy any of the producs or labels.

How may I change my contact information that I created while activating my product?

You need to call our call center and get help.

Does work globally?

Our 'report found' service on our call center and on our web site can be used in English from any country. So yes.

Do people really report a found item? Why should they return something valuable?

Several social studies reveal that there are still good samatarians out there. People tend to return a lost item to its rightful owner by 85 percent and the majority comprehend the absebce of return adress or contact info as the primal obstacle of return. You can have a look at an example social experiment made by Reader's Digest here. Link

Do you share users' personal information with any other third party?

No. None of the information you provided is ever shared with a 3rd party.

May I use two or more labels on a single item?

If you activate all of them then all of the labels are Ok to use. But if you just peel off the old one and stick a new label; new label will work.